Now that Chip's flown the coop, what happens to his nest?

EUGENE, Ore. -- The ex-Duck head coach Chip Kelly has left his million dollar mansion in Eugene for a job with the Philadelphia Eagles, leaving many to ponder what will happen to the North Eugene home.

The home has just over 6,280 square-feet spread between six bedrooms and five and a half bathrooms. The house also boasts a full-size indoor basketball court and an outdoor swimming pool.

Following Chip's announcement of leaving the University of Oregon on Wednesday, some people drove by the home to take a look at it.

"I wanted to show my mom where Chip Kelly used to live," said passerby Dan Ester.

"We weren't sure how we could find it. We traveled around a bit. But my wife had the notion that it was out this way, so we came by and found it," said John Henderson of Eugene.

On Friday, Real estate agent Matt Powell of Windermere Real Estate said that Kelly's home had not yet been listed as "for sale".

"I would suggest listing it on the high side of the market - $1.7. Market it aggressively, have some sort of private tour. Get the whose who of the real estate community through the house and see what feedback he'd get.," said Powell.

In spite of the hefty price tag, Powell said he was sure the home could sell. There are currently 20 homes in Lane County on sale valued at $900,000 or more, and Powell said that last year four homes in that price range sold.

"I would suspect a home like this, if it was priced right and marketed aggressively, it would sell in a hundred to three hundred days," said Powell.

Aside from the pool and basketball court, Powell said that the home's ties to Duck history could play a part in property value.

"You really don't know until you expose it to the market, see what the market bears," Powell said. "But it's definitely a unique feature and a positive thing."