'Now everyone is going to get to see the possibilities in Glenwood'

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - They have something to crow about in Glenwood, meaning a wayward rooster scratching at the earth Thursday is going to have to make way.

"This development is the real deal," said Mayor Christine Lundberg.

Local developers have put together a package for a combination 6-story hotel and conference center in Glenwood along the Willamette River.

"Together with our plans to really enhance the aesthetic, I think we're - it's going to be regionally an outstanding destination-oriented location," Greg Vik with Vik Construction.

Vik is one of the partners in the project. He said they're negotiating deals with 2 major hotel chains.

"The team we have together is a team that's a world class team," said David Tam with Tam Global Consultants. "I couldn't ask for better partners in this development. The city has been phenomenal."

Adjacent property owners in Glenwood are also pumped up about the possibilities.

Over at Roaring Rapids Pizza, owner Steve Roth said the hotel project sets up the area for a development domino effect.

"A signature project like this, I think the development potential in Glenwood will increase dramatically," Roth said.

Mayor Lundberg agrees.

"Now everyone is going to get to see the possibilities in Glenwood," she said. "It is riverfront property - it's just been hidden forever."

The developers hope to open the 150-suite hotel and 2-floor conference center by the spring of 2016.