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      'Nothing sums up our goal better than this event'

      EUGENE, Ore. - The University of Oregon's Students of the Indian Subcontinent organization facilitated the annual Holi festival on Tuesday evening.

      The festival is based off of the Indian festival of colors in April, which celebrates the coming of spring colors.

      "We've been getting more of an Indian population at this school in the last few years and as that's grown so have the Indian events on campus. This is definitely the most popular one, it appeals to the most people," said Jayati Ramakrishnan, Secretary of the Students of the Indian Subcontinent organization.

      An estimated 700 to 800 people took part this year, which is almost 200 more than last year.

      "It's exciting to see the hundreds of people showing up before the event even starts. It's really exciting that people care and want to be here," said Meghana Deodhar, co-director of the Students of the Indian Subcontinent organization.

      During the event participants threw authentic Indian powder in the air, covering themselves in different colors.

      The organization played Bollywood music throughout the festival and handed out water guns used to spray the participants.

      Ramakrishnan said, "It's important for us to put on events that bring the community together, and that includes both Indian students and other students. Nothing sums up our goal better than this event."