North Eugene SLEEPS site cited, Whoville camp closes

EUGENE, Ore. -- The homeless camp known as Whoville was given an official notice to vacate their north Eugene location by Saturday night, group organizers said.

The encampment, an offshoot from the SLEEPS campaign, was located in a lot across from the adult store on the corner of River Rd. and NE Expressway.

"This is only round two," homeless camp organizer Tin Man said on Friday.

Tin Man recently came to the area from San Francisco, said the 50-person encampment had been given an official citation to vacate the property at 6 p.m. on Saturday.

"We've been here about eight days," said Tin Man, adding that Eugene Police had given the group 24 hours to comply with the eviction notice.

Camp Whoville is one faction of SLEEPS, or the Safe, Legally-Entitled Emergency Places to Sleep.

The land where the camp is located is owned by Lane County and includes a City of Eugene right-of-way.

Lane County Public Works said signs were posted on September 3rd informing campers that they did not have permission to stay on the property.

Tin Man said the group will comply with the eviction notice, but will relocate somewhere else in Eugene.

"Our plan is to double the number of camps every time we're evicted," said Tin Man.