No shhh!, no shoes, no service: 'A few years ago we had to add pants'

EUGENE, Ore. - Library patrons will be expected to abide by a code of conduct at all three Eugene library branches.

"We're trying to make it very clear and with a version that's not full of the legalese that the administrative order is, but rather more simple," said Connie Bennett, the Eugene Public Library director.

So wear a shirt and shoes.

Don't fall sleep.

And lay off the controlled substances.

If you happen to be one of couple hundred people each year who just can't make that work, you'll now have 7 days to appeal being banned from the library.

Under the old rules, you had 48 hours.

"If they come with their counselor and their treatment plan and talk to us about it, then we'll give them a second chance," Bennet said.

The library also updated language, since few people tow personal "stereos" with them these days.

"We noticed we weren't having that problem," Bennet said. "We added cell phones a while ago, but now we've changed it to mobile devices just because that's the kind of thing that becomes disruptive."

This is the first update to the library rules in 3 years. It probably won't be the last.

"A few years ago we had to add pants," she said.

Very few people find themselves banned from the library. Last year, only 208 out of 1.2 million visitors were asked to leave. That's about 4 per week.

"The entire intent is to make a safe welcoming place for everyone that they can come and use library resources," Bennet said.