New Year's Resolution? 'That's great, but you have to commit'

EUGENE ,Ore. -- Following the large meals and often sugar-packed foods that people eat during the holiday season, many people resolve to shed a few pounds.

Some do this by logging more time at the gym, or cutting back on fatty foods.

Erin Piibor, director at Courtsports Fitness, said she sees a large number of people coming in at the start of the year resolving to lose weight.

"If you have only that goal of, 'Okay New Years. I'm gonna do this! I'm gonna cut out all the cookies.' - that's great, but you have to commit to that year round," said Piibor.

Having worked in the fitness industry for 15 years, Piibor said that at the beginning of each year her clients come in with lofty weight loss goals.

Piibor told KVAL News that the average "get fit" resolution lasts about 3 weeks.

That's why she feels people should set one small goal at a time.

"After the first couple you start to go, 'Oh, its still hard ... but I'm welcoming it a little bit more'," said Piibor.

Tabitha Miner said that she achieved her weight loss goal with the support of her family.

"It wasn't anywhere near a New Year's Resolution, it was just that I didn't want to be the mother daughter fat team," Miner said.

Tabitha said that her daughter inspired her to lose 150 pounds, while keeping it off for 2 years.

Dance instructor Jesse Jarvis said that it shouldn't take a new years resolution to get in shape, but rather a gradual shift in your lifestyle.

"(Resolutions) can set people up for failure if they don't have the right goal I think the goal is just changing your lifestyle and trying something that you love," said Jarvis.

Piibor said that all it takes to start losing weight is a little effort each day, adding that consistency in your diet and exercise plans is the key to keeping weight off.