New shelter takes in un-adoptable dogs: 'We take care of their issues'

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - At Lucky Paws, a new animal shelter that opened in Springfield, the underdogs come out on top.

Juli Upshaw said they take in animals that don't get adopted at other shelters.

"We help make them pretty and we take care of their issues," Upshaw said, adding that Lucky Paws is the first of it's kind.

"When they go to the shelter they don't want to see a dog that has half of her hair missing... we go into shelters and take animals that are typically in danger of euthanasia. Either for lack of space or behavioral issues," she said.

Many of the cats and dogs in their care have traveled far and been through a lot.

"This little brown dog is a two year old Chihuahua, that was taken to the shelter pregnant. They would typically euthanize a pregnant mom or spay her immediately, so she didn't have the babies," Upshaw said.

The mother Chihuahua gave birth to the litter at Lucky Paws, and the puppies are now two weeks old. While they may be cute, Upshaw said it holds a very valuable lesson.

"Please spay and neuter your pets. Obviously, these dogs wouldn't be here if they were a wanted dog, especially the puppies," said Upshaw.

Lucky Paws is run entirely by volunteers and has already started working with First Avenue Shelter to help with their overflow. More information about their organization can be found on their Facebook page.