New Planned Parenthood center opens in Glenwood

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. -- Planned Parenthood of Southwestern Oregon opened their doors on Tuesday with their brand new, 20,000 square foot health center in the Glenwood area. It is the first major construction in the area in three decades.

"We built this facility to allow us to expand by 50 percent for family planning clients, so that means we can see an additional 10,000 clients," said Cynthia Pappas, CEO and President of Planned Parenthood of Southwestern Oregon.

Pappas said their smaller offices in Eugene and Springfield were getting too cramped, so they got money from donors, grants, loans and Planned Parenthood reserves to finance the $8.5 million project.

"We think it's necessary. We're very proud of this space. We want to make sure our clients are treated with respect and dignity, and they deserve a nice space," said Pappas.

But the grand opening was met with some controversy. Protesters both for and against abortion were on Franklin Boulevard on Tuesday.

"You don't have a right to take away a life. You can give it away to adoption or orphanage," said protester Paul Montellano.

Protester Lavonne Hamlin was out on Franklin Boulevard on Tuesday sharing her opinions. She said she opposes abortions, a service that Planned Parenthood said they'll be offering in the future.

"We are for women's rights - the right to not suffer from post-abortion stress," said Hamlin.

Planned Parenthood offers a variety of services including annual exams, birth control, breast and cervial cancer screenings, STD testing and treatment, and HPV vaccinations.