New Bandon creamery sends cheese to stores across the state

BANDON, Ore. - Grocery stores across the state will soon be selling cheese from a new cheese factory in Bandon.

The Face Rock Creamery is expanding production to send one pound blocks of cheese to Costco and Safeway stores in Oregon.

"We're making one pound pieces as opposed to 8 ounces. So just like you're used to at Costco, you can get larger formats at prices that you can't get anywhere else. So it's a good place to go and stock up," said Face Rock president Greg Drobot.

The company celebrated their fist anniversary in May. Over the course of the year they made about a half-million pounds of cheese.

"We're very, very happy with how things are going. The public response has been great," said vice-president Daniel Graham.

They are sending the first shipment to the Costco store in Roseburg on July 11.