Neighbors surprised to see trees cut down along canal

EUGENE, Ore. - People with homes that back up to the Amazon Canal in West Eugene were surprised to see crews cutting down and chipping mature Douglas-fire trees this week.

"It's a loss and it's sad, and we don't know why," said Stephanie Harpole, who lives on Fir Butte Road. "I've just seen them been cut down and chipped."

"I just cannot understand why cutting a mature tree is going to be helpful," neighbor Lauri Bouley said.

Many of the homes on Fir Butte back up to the Amazon Canal. The canal walls are specially built to prevent flooding.

The natural resources manager for the City of Eugene saids they made the call for the firs to be chopped down to prevent future problems.

"The Doug firs can get so big and have such big root wads that if they overturn, it would pose the biggest threat to the levy we think," Wold said.

Neighbors said they'll miss the Douglas firs - but were glad the pine trees were left standing.