Neighbors rescue woman from second story of burning house

EUGENE, Ore. - Neighbors rescued a woman from a second story apartment in a burning house late Monday night, but a dog died in a ground floor apartment.

"The manager of my apartments came out and brought a ladder along with some other people to help rescue them out of the house," said Mark Walton, who lives across the street. "They were busting out the windows and you could see the firemen with their flashlights inside the house."

The fire broke out in a home on West 5th Avenue just before midnight.

The home is divided into 3 apartments - one on the second floor and two on the ground floor.

The residents of the ground floor apartments got out OK, but one of the residents broke out a window in an attempt to save her dog.

"We just heard somebody screaming, and we came over and by that time it was already up in a blaze," said Dawn Arnett, who lives nearby. "The girl that lives here who's in the hospital ran out with a big gash on her arm because she broke a window and was trying to get her dog out."

The dog died, and the woman suffered injuries in the attempt.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

The fire did an estimate $105,000 in damage.