Neighbors not excited about new legal homeless camp site

EUGENE, Ore. - The Eugene City Council last week approved a car camping site for the homeless on the corner of Railroad Boulevard and North Polk Street.

Community Alliance of Lane County plans to lease the property and shelter up to 6 people.

Neighbors said that, although they condone the good cause, they don't want it in their backyard.

"It's just too much in one centralized area," said Glenn Marsh, who lives next door. "If we could find them another property that we could help out, then we'd be willing to help out and eventually donate."

Business owners are also concerned. Mike Miller, owner of the Grand Plaza Apartments behind the site, wants the city to be held accountable.

"I think the city should be responsible for any and all increased vandalism, garbage clean up, and issues that take place on our properties," he said. "It should be financially responsible."

But Michael Carrigan with CALC said the group has been doing their best to work with the residents.

"We've been knocking on doors on North Grand, here on North Polk," he said. "We've been going to the whiteaker community council meetings. We'll continue to talk to folks. I'm confident we can come up with a project that the neighborhood will support."