Neighborhood puts in sidewalk: 'Maybe it comes down to me'

EUGENE, Ore. -- Around 50 people in the Churchill neighborhood spent Saturday working on making their streets safer.

The group of volunteers worked to build a new sidewalk along Acorn Park Rd., making it safer to walk to the park for nearby residents.

Volunteer Ian Zalewski said community members pulled together to make the project possible.

"People in wheelchairs need to get around and with budget cuts, you know, maybe it comes down to me," said Zalewski.

Marina Hajek used to live in the neighborhood. After her son lost his life while walking along a road, she is happy so many people are supporting safer street projects.

"The community here was always supporting any project after my son was killed by a speeding 16-year-old driver," Hajek said. "I love to see the people supporting this project. It means something to them. It's important to them."

While the group laid culvert and gravel along a portion of the road, volunteers said it's a long term project.