Neighborhood opposed to cell tower in South Eugene cemetery

EUGENE, Ore. - Those living on Brae Burn Drive in feel a proposed AT&T cell phone tower could take away from the beauty of the South Eugene skyline.

The city is looking at plans to build an AT&T monopine cell tower on the Resthaven Memorial Park property near 40th and Willamette.

"They just said 'the information for the proposed cell tower is online', and that we can go online and look at it," said Brae Burn Drive resident Mike Miles.

Miles said the proposed monopine cell tower, which is designed to resemble a pine tree from afar, would practically be built in his backyard.

"I found out it's about 150 feet to 160 feet from our house," said Miles, "For me it's visual pollution, it's audible pollution. There could be noise from the fan and cooling."

Miles said he and other South Eugene residents, like Nancy Byer, wrote letters to the city explaining how they felt the tower would hurt their community.

"It's still not really known what the effects are from having a cell tower in close range to where people live," said Byer.

Miguel Estevez, a neurologist from Riverbend Hospital, said researchers have been looking into the long-term effects of cell towers over the past decade.

"There's still not a single study that shows there's human damage or damage to human populations near cell phone towers," said Estevez.

Miles said he still feels "the cell tower could very easily just be moved a little bit to the east and it wouldn't be a problem."

According to the City of Eugene there is no finalized decision when or if the cell phone tower will be built.