Neighborhood continues a quarter-century of 4th of July parades

EUGENE, Ore. -- Their parade takes less than 5 minutes. No bands, no fancy floats. But what they lack in numbers, the residents at Lakewood Mobile Home Park more than make up for in spirit.

Together the neighborhood has one of the longest running 4th of July celebrations in Eugene. They've held this celebration for more than 2 decades to honor the country, the 43 veterans who live at Lakewood, and the ones who have died in recent years.

Organizing the music, patriotic readings and a mini-parade through the park is resident Wanda Miller.

"We're all Americans. We're American people. And the freedom that we have - that we can do things like this - is something that we really enjoy," said Miller.

Proudly smiling and waving while hanging over the side of a pickup bed, a group of veterans toured their home.

On board was 84-year-old Korean War veteran Ken Keefe, who was wearing the same government-issue boots he wore overseas. Alongside him was Jerry Miller, an army vet who was in the D-Day/Normandy landings.

Lakewood Park owner Weldon Chow said their celebration is a tradition going back at least 25 years.