Need an ugly Christmas sweater? This Portland man is your guy

      PORTLAND, Ore. -- Andrew Hume tried making a quick shopping trip last year to prepare for his ugly Christmas sweater party.

      But there was a problem: All the ugliest -- er, most festive sweaters -- were picked over.

      So began the Northeast Portland man's venture into business: scoping out, buying and sell the most hideous of Christmas sweaters.

      "I'm not doing this drive around town for a week trying to find Christmas sweaters," Hume said.

      He started his online business this year, called, and bought his product, about 200 sweaters, from a wholesale seller.

      There's everything: a Cardinal theme, wreath theme and a really ugly Christmas tree theme, to name a few.

      So if you're looking for jingle bells, fluffy gnomes or teddy bears, he's your guy.

      Hume said he's sold 25 sweaters and his website has only been live for a week.

      Bringing others the joy of finding the perfect tacky look has made his holiday brighter.

      "I've had some bad years where I wasn't into Christmas and this has just turned that around," he said.