Natural beauty on display at the 34th Wildflower Festival

EUGENE, Ore. -- The rain held off Sunday for the 34th annual Wildflower Festival at the Mt. Pisgah Arboretum.

While many of the plant vendors probably wouldn't mind a late-spring watering, the dry weather was a good thing for the artwork.

Several local artists created unique pieces of ephemeral art around the arboretum for festival-goers to enjoy.

One of the artists, Tilke Elkins painted on trees using paint she made from dirt.

"When you approach the piece you see that the trees are painted and you're not sure what's there," Elkins said. "But when you look through an oval alignment spot they all come together."

The idea was to use natural materials, like leaves, to create a piece of art. When the wind picks up or rain pours down, away it goes.