Mystery safe inspires a bid from Roosevelt MS students

EUGENE, Ore. -- As the school day drew to a close at Roosevelt Middle School, many students were abuzz with anticipation. Not just for the final bell, but also for the conclusion to a week's worth of musing over what is inside the mystery safe that was donated to the school.

Nearly a week ago, Roosevelt parent Peter Pomponi gave the school a locked safe he had found hidden inside the wall of an old farmhouse undergoing renovations.

School officials decided that they would start an auction for the safe on the school's website as a part of a school fundraiser. While no one knew what was inside the safe, all of its contents would go to the highest bidder.

On Friday afternoon two students left class a little early to put a last minute bid on the mystery safe.

Gavin Bronaugh and Ariel Ward, two 8th graders at RMS, collected 128 pledges from their classmates to place a bid of $2330 on the safe. They said the safe generated quite a lot of excitement around the halls of Roosevelt.

"They've told us that it is full of something heavy, so we've been kind of letting our imaginations run wild. But it was definitely something important to the family," said Ward.

After Roosevelt staff opened up the auction on their website, Pomponi's daughter Isabel placed the first bid of $100. By Wednesday night other bids started coming in, and it was clear that Isabel wasn't going to win it alone.

"My mom was part of the staff that really got this auction going and it got me thinking, 'I want a shot at this safe'," said Bronaugh. "So I decided to ask all my friends. All it takes is one person to kinda put it all together."

The duo said that if they win the auction, they will divide whatever they find proportionally between everyone that contributed to the effort.

"The first day I was going around the halls, asking people to donate - but today people are coming up to us and asking if they can donate," said Bronaugh.

Ward said that the money raised from the auction will be directed toward staffing at Roosevelt, somewhere she says the school desperately needs funding.

"In (school district) 4J they are taking away music teachers, and they are taking away the counseling program next year because they don't have enough money in staffing," said Ward.

The safe is just one part of a large auction held at Roosevelt Middle School April 26th called the RMS Showcase Cruise 2013, where the school sells off a wide range of other donated items.

Along with covering staffing costs, auctioned items will help cover the cost of school supplies and other learning projects at Roosevelt.

Officials plan to open the safe at 8:30 p.m. to close out the event.

KVAL News will be at the event, watch the 11 p.m. KVAL News broadcast to find out what was inside the safe!