'My roommates are being a lot more paranoid about locking the door'

CORVALLIS, Ore. - A second woman was attacked near Oregon State University Saturday less than a mile away from where another woman was also assaulted less than two weeks ago.

"Anytime we have somebody out there that is attacking females, tackling them and striking them, that is alarming and concerning," Capt. Dave Henslee with Corvallis Police Department said.

Police are warning the community to take precautions after Saturday's attack. Police said the suspect tackled the woman from behind, pinned her to the ground and punched her repeatedly.

Although he was wearing a ski mask, police believe his description and the similarity of the attacks mean there is just one suspect. He is described as a being in his mid 20s, athletic, between 6-foot and 6-foot-3 and wearing athletic clothing.

Students received emails alerting them about the attacks.

"I noticed my roommates are being a lot more paranoid about locking the door to our apartment," Marie Enger, an OSU student said. "It's hard because those are places I walk all the time so it is hard to be like someone got hurt here."

OSU says about three dozen people have been interviewed by police about the attacks and they are stepping up security.

"We have increase the number of bicycle patrols and foot patrols so that there isn't just a car driving through campus," said Steve Clark, VP of University Relations.

Police are urging the community to walk in groups, carry flashlights, stay in well lit areas and to be aware of your surroundings.

Both women were able to fend off the attacker. Police urging anyone who may have witnessed something suspicious to come forward.