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      Mosquitoes: 'This is the most I've ever seen of them around'

      BANDON, Ore. -- The US Fish & Wildlife Service has partnered with Oregon State University, the Coos County Health Department and Vector Control to better understand why Bandon residents have seen an unusually high amount of mosquitoes this year.

      The increase in the number of mosquitoes has not gone unnoticed. "There seems to be a lot of people complaining about the mosquitoes that haven't complained before," said Bandon resident Larry Hardin.

      Robert Chmiblewski, another Bandon resident, agrees. "Everybody's noticed," he said. "They've been inside too, inside the deli department where I work."

      Jerry Kiemper has been around a while, and says he hasn't seen anything like it. "I was born here in 1960, and this is the most I've ever seen of them around," he said.

      The increase in the number of mosquitoes has not gone unnoticed by officials. "We're looking into that right now," said Roy Lowe of the Oregon Coast Wildlife Refuge. "The numbers seem to be higher than we've seen before, and we have a lot to learn and figure out what we're dealing with, but our intent is to deal with this as soon as possible."

      Traps are being set and tests will be conducted to figure out what types of mosquitoes are coming from the Bandon Marsh, and if there are any health risks.

      In the meantime, officials say that mosquito repellent is helpful.