Monopoly holds poll for new piece, gives one old token 'the boot'

EUGENE, Ore. -- Families will soon have a new token to quarrel over on game night as Hasbro plans to swap one of their old Monopoly game pieces for a new one.

For many Eugene residents, their favorite token is tied to years of Monopoly memories, a game that brings people together and easily tears them apart.

Kimberly Everhardt said that for her, that token is the Scottie dog.

"Broadway and Park Place we would always fight, me and my brother, over who would get that one," said Everhardt. "We would say one of us was cheating if the other one got it."

Nicholas Moler-Gallardo said that people who play the game often have a connection to 'their' game piece.

"Monopoly was definitely something that you played with you family or friends," Moler-Gallardo said. "You always have your own piece, I was always the money bag."

Hasbro is having a public vote on which of their classic pieces will get the boot, and which of the five new pieces will be in new Monopoly sets.

In recent years board games have been replaced by their electronic relatives, video games, in many American households.

Allan Agerter with Eugene Toy and Hobby said that those families are missing out, because board games help stimulate family interaction.

"It's nice to have a hands on game. People can look at the person across the board and interact," said Agerter.

Kimberly said that for her family, the competition around the Monopoly board is always more intense than when they play video games.

"Fighting and playing and winning against someone instead of a computer," said Everhardt.

So if you are tired of the iron token and would rather be represented by a robot, here's your chance to make those wishes known. On Tuesday, Facebook fans of Monopoly can vote on which piece to eliminate and which one to add. The voting ends Feb. 5.