Missing Pig: 'He loves to take walks, go swimming and snuggle at night'

UPDATE: Ruder the pig has been located. Watch your local TV news Wednesday at 11 for more on this story

NOTI, Ore. - Ruder escaped his yard Tuesday.

Now April Sutherby is asking the public for help finding her 140-pound potbelly pig.

"We are all worried sick about him!" Sutherby said. "We walked and drove up and down the road for hours. No luck finding piggy."

Ruder got loose between noon and 6 p.m. Tuesday from a yard on Poodle Creek Road in Noti, west of Veneta.

Sutherby described Ruder as all black with a white stripe between his eyes and about the size of a medium or large dog.

"I am concerned that if someone has or does find him they may not understand that he is a pet, and an indoor one at that," she said. "We've had Ruder since he was 5 weeks old. He has lived indoors ever since and knows no other life.

"He is no ordinary pig either," Sutherby said. "He does a few tricks (sit, shake, and dance), he loves to take walks, go swimming and demands to be snuggled at night."

Sutherby said she is offering a reward for Ruder's return.

"He is a big part of our family and we are worried sick about him!" she said.

If you see him, Sutherby hopes you can round him up until she can collect him.

"He will do just about anything for food or treats, so if someone did spot him, it would be a great way to lure him into a yard, barn, car or somewhere to keep him until I am contacted," she said.