Meth-fueled murder sends 3 to prison

COOS BAY, Ore. - A man found fatally shot in the chest by two different handguns died in an apparent example of drug dealing justice, prosecutors said Monday at the sentencing of the third and final suspect in the slaying.

Authorities found the body of Ronald Holliday in rural Coos County, shot multiple times in the chest by two different .22-caliber handguns.

Investigators discovered Holliday had some sort of working relationship with Angel Yvonne Kirk-Miles, Thomas Gunn and Jeffrey Cue, said Erika Soublet, the chief deputy district attorney.

The trio got upset after Holliday pinched a bag of methamphetamine from the group.

They hatched hatched a plan to get back at him after he cashed a government check at the Coos Bay Walmart.

"Once they found a sufficiently wooded location, walked mr. holliday off into that location, did in fact smoke some methamphetamine prior to the defendant's Mr. Gunn and Mr. Cue shooting and killing Mr. Holliday," Soublet said. "They left his body there on the side of the road. It was found several days later."

Gunn's attorneys argued meth ended up destroying many lives in this case, including Gunn's life.

They argued he did not get equal justice compared to the other defendents.

Kirk-Miles got 15 years for her role. Cue got 25-to-life. Gunn got a 30 year sentence on Monday.

Neither Gunn nor the victim's family addressed the court.

But when asked by Judge Michael Gillespie if he would have shot Holliday if he had not been on meth at the time, Gunn paused and then answered, "No."