Merry FedEx-mas: Shipper open on Christmas Day for late packages

EUGENE, Ore. - Jack Wharfield ordered an iPhone for his grandson.

He was hoping to have the present before Christmas.

But due to bad weather and overloaded systems, shipping was delayed.

"I'm here to pick up a package," Wharfield said at FedEx on Christmas Day.

He wasn't alone: Many people got door tags indicating they could come in on Christmas to pick up their packages.

"It said I could come here today between 9 and 1," Wharfield said. "I thought, that has to be a misprint. But here we are, and they're open. That's good."

When a customer isn't home for a delivery, FedEx leaves a notice

"They left me a note," said customer Sarah Rhoades. "Thank God they're open so I can go to my parents and give my mom her present.

"I'm going to wrap it in the car on the way over," she added. "So it works. She'll never know."

According to Jill Brendle, a FedEx employee in Springfield, people lined up outside before doors even opened at 9 on Christmas morning.

FedEx is normally not open Christmas Day. But poor weather and overloaded systems left shippers short on time this year.

And some shoppers got gifts at the last minute.

"It's perfume that I ordered for her that was sold out, so i had to order it last minute," Rhoades said.