Meet the tallest 1-year-old you will ever see

WINSTON, Ore. -- The Wildlife Safari has a new animal that officials are hoping will give birth to a new breeding program.

Miya is a reticulated giraffe.

Standing at about 10 feet tall, she is definitely one of the tallest 1-year-olds you will ever see, but she'll grow another six feet before she reaches her full height.

When she is fully matured in two or three years, officials hope that she will be the start of a new giraffe breeding program.

Dan Van Slyke, the executive director at the park, says the animals are a big draw for people to the Safari. "Giraffes are just really a hit," he said. "They're just literally our number one animal for attraction, but the thing we've never been able to do is produce baby giraffes, because we've had all males."

Van Slyke says that Miya is still getting used to her surroundings, but officials hope she'll be out exploring the park in the next few months.

Until then, people can schedule a private encounter to meet the park's littlest giraffe.

You can contact the Wildlife Safari for more information.