Many school districts to remain closed Wednesday


School districts started announcing their plans for Wednesday on Tuesday afternoon.

Eugene, Springfield and Corvallis schools will be closed.

Some schools are planning 2-hour delays. Others are running buses on snow routes.

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EUGENE, Ore. - Snow fell Friday, canceling school.

The temperature hasn't gone above freezing since, so the snow stuck around.

School was canceled again Monday.

Then Tuesday.

There was no word yet as of 1 p.m. regarding Wednesday. | Current list of School Closures

The Eugene, Bethel and Springfield districts said even if main roads are safe to travel, the side roads in the districts remain snow-packed and slick.

"Can we get our kids safely to school on our buses on all of our bus routes? And if we can't, we cancel school," said Kerry Delf with Eugene 4J School District. "We know that the winter weather will be sticking around. The question is whether or not the roads will be clearer in the higher elevations."

Even though the main roads and highways have been treated for snow, school districts said side roads and neighborhood streets are too dangerous to come to school.

"Safety is the reason we canceled school today," Devon Ashbridge with Springfield School district said Monday. "The roads are still packed with ice and snow, and we didn't feel that our buses could safely transport students to and from school."

But just because students were at home didn't mean no one was at school. District staff spent much of Monday morning preparing schools for students to return on Tuesday.

Even with sidewalks cleared of snow and ice, roads remained covered as darkness fell.

By Tuesday evening, however, most school districts had made the call to cancel classes for a third day.

Road conditions aren't the only problem for schools: Both the Bethel and Springfield school districts said they've also been dealing with burst pipes and broken boilers at school buildings.

"A burst pipe in Willamette High School auditorium actually flooded one of the hallways," Colt Gill, the Bethel superintendent, said Monday. "We were monitoring last night and the night before. We're ready to go back to school and get our kids back to school once the roadways are safe enough to do so."

Both Bethel and Springfield said they have flexible schedules and will not require students to make up days.

Eugene 4J said the snow days will mean tacking on extra days in spring.

"This winter weather is unlike anything we're used to here in Eugene," Delf said, "and we think it will stick around a bit longer."