Man who beat, left woman for dead heading to prison

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- A Tenmile man who beat and left a woman for dead will spend more than 7 years in prison for attempted murder.

Marcus Toler, 49, pleaded no contest on Wednesday to charges alleging that he beat his then-girlfriend with a baseball bat, and left her body on the side of a road last September.

Officials say the incident stemmed from an argument Toler had with the victim.

They say while Toler was in jail, she was taking care of his affairs.

When he was released, he believed she had stolen from him.

In late September, then 53-year-old Anastacia Kindel was found by a passing motorist, unconscious and seriously injured. She was found in the on the side of Reston Road in the 2500 block.

Both the attempted murder and kidnapping charges are Measure 11 crimes, which come with a minimum sentence of 90 months, but Toler will be serving them concurrently, or at the same time.

When he's released, he'll be on post prison supervision for three years.