Man to police: 'Take me to jail' Police: 'OK'

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Some people try to escape jail, like Thomas Grimes, who earlier in the year made his way out of Douglas County Corrections in the trash.

But not a Roseburg area transient, who police say asked to go there... several times.

Roseburg police say that starting around 4:30 a.m. on Tuesday, Justin Grant Stalnaker, 34, started calling 911 and demanding someone take him to jail.

Police found the man and warned him about calling 911 when there is no emergency.

Not giving up, Stalnaker again called 911 and asked to be taken to jail. He was cited by police for misuse of 911 and his cell phone was seized as evidence.

Without his cell phone to call, police say Stalnaker then walked to the jail and demanded that they let him in. He was escorted away, according to officials.

Police say Stalnaker then walked to the Garden Valley Mini Mart and called 911 twice. Officers arrested Stalnaker without incident and lodged him in the Douglas County Jail on three counts of misuse of 911.

His bail was set at $18,750.