Man suspects check is a scam: 'I don't know anyone from Tennessee'

JUNCTION CITY, Ore. -- A Junction City man said he was surprised to see a big check come in the mail last week.

He suspects it was part of a scam.

The Paragon Bank branch in Memphis, Tennessee confirmed Lewis Mortensen's suspicions, saying the check for $2,130 was a fraud.

"I don't know anyone from Tennessee, I didn't buy anything, I didn't sell anything," said Mortensen.

According to the Oregon Department of Justice, when a person buys from a catalog or even signs up for a credit card, personal information could be shared with companies that collect marketing data.

Getting removed from mailing lists is one way to avoid being scammed.

We reached out to the Paragon Bank branch and the Junction City Police Department about the check but were unable to get a response.