Man survives 100-foot jump off I-5 bridge while fleeing from police

OLYMPIA, Wash. - A man is lucky to be alive Friday after he jumped off an overpass on Interstate 5 in Olympia and fell 100 feet while fleeing from police.

The incident began just after 1 a.m. when an officer spotted a car weaving erratically and recklessly and tried to pull over the driver.

Instead, the driver accelerated and tried to elude the officer, and the officer followed after him. The chase ended about two minutes later on the Capitol Street Bridge, when the suspect pulled his car over to the wrong side of the road - then got out and leaped over the fence.

The suspect dropped about 100 feet into ivy and bushes on the side of northbound I-5. Police and state troopers cordoned off the area, and could see where he fell, because of the imprint in the ivy. The suspect's hat was found on I-5.

Police sent in a K-9 dog and quickly located the suspect hiding in more ivy bushes about 100 yards from where he landed. He was taken to St. Peters Hospital in Olympia for treatment of injuries and was placed on an involuntary mental health hold. He is listed in stable condition.

He will be held on suspicion of reckless driving and eluding a police officer.