Man crashes 40 feet down embankment, arrested for DUII

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. -- Springfield Police say a man was drunk when he crashed through a guard rail near the intersection of Mohawk Blvd. and Highway 126 late Saturday night. His car went nearly 40 feet down an embankment and into a culvert, police officials said.

One of the passengers riding with Jaywant Prakash, 30, of Springfield was seriously injured in the crash. According to Springfield Sgt. Richard Lewis other people riding in the car sought medical attention as well.

The crash happened at around 11:50 p.m. Saturday when police say Prakash took the Mohawk Blvd. exit of Highway 126 at a very high rate of speed. Prakash's car crashed through a guardrail at the east side of the intersection, went about 40 feet down an embankment and landed in the culvert below the roadway, partially submerging the car in water.

Responding fire crews reported extracting one of the passengers, who was taken to the hospital with serious injuries.

Prakash was treated for minor injuries before being booked at the Lane County Jail for DUII, four counts of reckless endangering reckless driving and two counts of assault III.

If anyone has any additional information or witnessed the accident they are asked to call the Springfield Police Department at 541-726-3714 and speak with DUII Officer Tom Speldrich.

A total of three DUII arrests were made by Springfield Police Officers on Saturday evening/Sunday morning.