Man accused of touching women's feet in 'disturbing and sexual way'

EUGENE, Ore. - A man claiming to be a sports medicine student touched the feet of three women in "a disturbing and sexual way" at the University of Oregon library last month, the UO Police Department said.

Officers arrested Thomas Matthew Jonas, 24, of Eugene on Sunday in connection with the reports. Jonas faces charges of harassment and second-degree trespass, UOPD said.

Three women reported to UOPD that a man matching Jonas's description physically harassed them at the university's Knight Library on October 1, 24 and 31.

The women told police that the man claimed to be a massage or sports medicine student from Portland, and that he then touched their feet in a disturbing and sexual way, police said.

In the latter two cases, the women said that the man initially ignored their demands for him to stop touching them, and that he appeared to be aroused during the encounters.

The suspect was identified by a UOPD public safety officer's investigation based on information provided by two of the victims.

Anyone with information on the case is asked to contact UOPD at (541) 346-2919.