Man accused of spying on neighbor girl faces more charges

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - A man accused of spying on his neighbor's daughter using a camera linked to his computer faces dozens more charges of invading personal privacy, Springfield Police said Monday.

Dana Wayne Bishop, 63, faces an additional 35 charges of invasion of personal privacy, police said. The arrest Monday afternoon was made based on information police obtained after arresting Bishop on March 14.

Officers went to Bishop's home last week after his neighbors reported suspicious activity involving a camera.

During their investigation, police said they found that Bishop had a camera system that let him see inside his neighbor's home.

Police said the Springfield man admitted to spying on a 10-year-old girl inside her room with cameras linked to his computer.

On Monday KVAL News reporter Ty Steele caught up with the alleged victim's mother Crystal. She said she did not want to give her last name to protect her daughter's identity.

"I warn my kids about strangers walking down the street that might grab them," said Crystal at her work on Monday. "I never thought to warn them about the guy living next door."

Police said Bishop was initially charged with 30 counts of invasion of personal privacy. Those charges were later dropped to ten counts of invasion of personal privacy by the city's prosecuting office, Bishop put up $10,000 bail and he was released from the Springfield Jail early Friday morning, March 15.

Sometime after Bishop's release from jail, Crystal said she called police to report that someone had busted windows at Bishop's residence. Police confirmed that a neighbor did call to report the property crime and that someone from Bishop's residence also called with the same complaint.

"Anytime someone is charged with offenses, especially involving a juvenile, and it's put out publicly, there is always a chance that someone may want to take action on their own," said Sgt. John Umenhofer at the Springfield Police Department on Monday morning. "And of course, we want to discourage that because any new crimes aren't going to make this any better."

On Monday, March 18, police said Bishop was rearrested at 2:01 p.m. and lodged in the Springfield Jail.

"Our house, even if he's in jail, doesn't feel like our home or a safe place anymorewe would like to move," said Crystal.

The new charges Bishop faces involve the same victim, police said. He faces a total of 45 counts of invasion of personal privacy, all class A misdemeanors. His arraingment is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon at 1 p.m.