Man accused of leaving woman for dead to stand trial

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- The man accused of beating his girlfriend and leaving her to die has had a trial date set for February.

In late September, then 53-year-old Anastacia Kindel was found by a passing motorist, unconscious and seriously injured. She was found in the on the side of Reston Road in the 2500 block.

At first, police weren't sure whether or not Kindel's injuries stemmed from an accident, but officials say it was soon clear that she had been attacked.

After an investigation, police arrested Kindel's then boyfriend, Marcus Toler, 49.

Deputies say Kindel was lucky to survive. "She was in really critical condition for quite a while, but she ended up pulling through," said Sheriff's deputy Dwes Hutson. "She is still recovering, and she may have some sort of long term injury stemming from this assault."

Toler is currently being held at the Douglas County Jail on charges of attempted murder, kidnapping and first degree assault.

Toler is scheduled to go to trial on February 12.