Maintenance on Main St. to improve downtown Cottage Grove

COTTAGE GROVE, Ore. -- Cottage Grove city officials are pushing for a little more curb appeal, hoping to replace Main Street.

Business owners and city planners are hoping to fix the street to bring more business to the downtown area.

Revitalization started with the Highway 99 and Main Street intersection.

Now they've shifted focus to sprucing up the street that was used for the infamous Animal House parade scene.

"There's a high crown in the road as a result of continuous paving," said Harold Schesser, the Communication Development Director, "As a result the curbs are very high and very difficult. Doors get caught when people park."

After fixing the road, the attention will shift to other components like the sidewalk, awnings and tree grates.

The concept drawings are available downtown for folks to check out.

City planners are holding a third public meeting May 13 to discuss the design concepts and take comments or suggestions.