Made in Oregon: Albany firm crafts high-end guitar pedal

ALBANY, Ore. - A startup guitar effects company founded by two Lebanon men makes a high-end guitar pedals targeted at experienced players.

The PreDrive pedal starts at $399, with a $599 version available.

The makers of the PreDrive, Chris Hoff and Stephen Pettyjohn, started Pettyjohn Electronics in Albany.

The incorporated a larger microchip than the typical pedal.

"This design and this pedal gave me a way to bring some of that high end circuitry and put it in a guitar pedal box," Pettyjohn said. "It's something I haven't seen anyone do before."

Dubbed a "tool for tone," the pedal aims to put a studio-quality preamp in pedal form.

The goal: to give experienced guitar players tools to tweak and shape their sound

"I mean if we can really get a guy (Don Potter) of this caliber that's impressed with it to the point that he's willing to pay top price for it, then we're pretty confident that we can show this to the world and really go for it," Hoff said.