EUGENE, Ore. - Shelly Schmidt spotted the ring Saturday afternoon.

Actually, her friend spotted the ring first.

"It was very obvious that it was someone's wedding ring," Schmidt recalled. "Those things are priceless."

Rewind a couple hours in the same spot, and Angela Tripp removed the ring to put sunscreen on her son as he slept in his stroller and she shopped the big yard sale over the weekend in the Ryan Meadows community in north Eugene.

Thousands of people shopped the over 100 homes holding yard sales in the neighborhood.

Two hours later, Tripp realized she'd left left something important behind.

"LOST MY WEDDING RING AT THE RYAN MEADOWS GARAGE SALE EVENT TODAY :( i took it off to put sunscreen on my sons legs while he was sleeping in the stroller.... and i set it on the sidewalk right between my knees..... and.... i'm ashamed to say i just plain left it there. My allergies were horrible and i wasn't thinking straight and i was talking to someone and i just made a totally stupid move," Tripp posted on the Ryan Meadows Facebook page.

"My heart is absolutely broken. PLEASE.... if someone found it contact me asap..... We traced back to the exact place I set it and it's nowhere to be found now."

"I felt like I was gonna pass out," Tripp recalled Tuesday. "I went in the living room, sat down on my couch and I kind of just put my head down."

She went back to Ryan Meadows. Her ring wasn't there.

So she posted an ad on Craiglist with a picture and description of the ring.

"I was pretty confident I could get my information out there," Tripp said. "It was just a matter of whether or not the person that had it was going to give it back."

That's where Schmidt found Tripp's contact info - and returned the ring.

"It was the right thing to do and it's what an honest person should do," she said. "I would hope someone would do that for me, and someday she'll have the opportunity to pay it forward."