Lost dogs in the digital age: 'We keep getting closer'

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EUGENE, Ore. -- Dogs get lost everyday in Oregon, but one that went missing on the coast back in July has gotten more attention than most.

It's been almost three months since Diesel, a chocolate lab/Pit bull mix, went missing. Owner Billie Tarabochia said she never could have imagined the social media response to her search.

On July 8, Tarabochia called a dog search and rescue team after only two of her three pups came back to her Astoria home. When they came up with nothing, Billie started to think that Diesel was stolen.

"He has anxiety, kind of like separation anxiety, so knew that this was really abnormal. I was just absolutely sick... I went looking for him immediately," said Tarabochia.

She turned to Facebook, posting fliers online. From there, she says, her search really took off.

Northwest Pet Classifieds shared her flier to over 7,000 members, and a couple hundred active searchers created a group called "Let's Get Diesel Home".

"They have not only followed, they've kept in contact with me and we've banded together," Tarabochia said.

As the search for her one-and-a-half year old pup spread across the state, Diesel was last seen in Eugene by Chelsea Foster.

"People came down from Tillamook, Salem and Albany during the week to help for him also," Foster said.

She said Diesel was spotted with a group of homeless campers under the Ferry Street Bridge over the weekend.

"I feel like we keep getting closer and then he, he goes off and then we get close again... So keep giving tips," said Tarabochia.

Billie said that Diesel is a Pit bull/chocolate lab will an all-gray coat. He has a body like a Basset hound, with short legs and paws that turn outward.