Lost and found: 'Took me two days to find it'

CORVALLIS, Ore. - As his metal detector sweeps back and forth just above the blades of grass, the beeps and squawks speak to Carl Blasch.

"That should be a new penny."

"That's a piece of iron."

"Don't worry about that - that was a piece of foil."

Carl has been a metal detecting hobbyist for 15 years.

He's not in it for the treasure.

"It gets me out the house, gets me some exercise and fresh air," Carl said.

Over the years, he's seen hundreds of items left behind.

Some are antiques.

"That's an old wax seal stamp,"

Some are precious to someone unknown.

"Here's a small gold ring I found back in October,"

For Carl, it's not just about finding things: it's also about returning things.

He has dozens of thank you letters from people across the country.

"This one's from a guy that I found his girlfriend's class ring," Carl said.

His most recent return was a wedding ring found after a woman saw him detecting in a park and asked if he could help her find a lost item.

"She lost it in November and I found it the following September," Carl said. "Took me two days to find it."

Loose change - that's something Carl keeps for himself if he's hunting in a public area.

"If I stay in town, if I find a dollar, I paid for my gas," he said. "How many hobbies you have that pay for your gas?"

And each day spent hunting, he follows this motto:

"If I find something, great," Carl said. "If I don't, that's good, too."