Looking for adventure? 'Hot Pipes' is looking for funding

EUGENE, Ore. - Up the McKenzie River to the fish hatchery, then on to Belknap Hot Springs before heading south on the Aufderheide National Scenic Byway to Oakridge.

By the time you're back in Eugene, you've put 200 miles of road behind you - and lived the pilot episode of "Hot Pipes."

The proposed reality TV show is the brainchild of the Phillips brothers, now collecting pledges on Kickstarter.

"My younger brother has been riding motorcycles for years and years and loves reality TV," Scott Phillips said.

"Scott's got years and years of experience, he's got the knowledge and he's an incredibly talented person," George Phillips said.

The brothers put their brains together and came up with "Hot Pipes," a proposed reality TV show about motorcycle tours.

So far, they've filmed a 5 minute pilot hosted by George and his wife Blossom - the bikers next door.

If the "Hot Pipes" pilot makes it into a full production, the goal is to show that anybody can ride - even if not everybody can produce their own reality TV show.

"It's a logistical nightmare, but it's kind of fun at the same time because you get to see all these great places," Scott said.

Pilot for "Hot Pipes"

Visit the Hot Pipes page on Kickstarter