Look out guys, these gals are looking to be more 'Crossfit'

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- When some people think of a fitness competition, they think of large men pushing their bodies to the brink.

But at the Roseburg Crossfit, many of the competitors taking part in the Crossfit Games are women.

Sara Morris is one of those women, and she says she is looking to be the best. "I'm competing with everyone in the world to be the fittest person on earth," she said.

The competition lasts five weeks, and the top 40 athletes will go to regionals. The best from there will head to the finals.

The women at the Roseburg gym aren't afraid to go big in their workouts, in hopes of scoring big in the games.

Monica Ramirez says they aren't just focused on going up against the guys. "I just love being on the barbell because it never lies, it never gives you the wrong answer. It's just you against the barbell," she said.

The fact that they're competing alongside men doesn't intimidate them. "Being able to pull out a hundred pound snatch or do things, lifts that other guys can't do, is really empowering and exciting," Morris said.

Alissa Morris told KPIC News that being in a competition alongside the guys can be motivating. "As far as the guys being on the pull-up bar, you know, our mentality is 'Hey, let's try to beat the Boys,' type of thing," she said. "Let's get stronger so we can beat them."

KPIC reporter and morning anchor Kat Wolcott decided to give it a try Thursday morning, but she found out it's not as easy as the regulars at the gym make it look.

{>}{>}{>}Watch the video to see how she did

They say it takes a lot of hard work, dedication and practice.

Even if their hard work doesn't earn them the title of Crossfit Champion, they say they're still proud of what they've been able to push their bodies to do.