Loggers cruise cutting-edge timber tech at 75th Oregon confab

EUGENE, Ore. -- Loggers from around the northwest timber industry gathered at the Lane County Fairgrounds for the 75th Oregon Logging Conference.

The show is spread out across the fairgrounds, filling the parking lot with logs, heavy machinery and sawdust, as well as chainsaw carving exhibitions and demonstrations of latest logging technology.

"The equipment show is kind of a one stop shopping place for loggers," said Don Hardwick, Oregon Logging Conference president

Celebrating their 75th year, Hardwick said anyone visiting will walk away with a better understanding of the industry, as well as the history surrounding one of the biggest trades in the Pacific northwest.

"(There's) several million dollars worth of equipment out here at the fairgrounds," said Hardwick. "That's what we boast a multi-million dollar equipment show and the largest west of the Mississippi River."

Jack Ticknell, a retired log truck driver says this year's logging gear is light years ahead of what he used.

"30 miles ... 30 miles was a long haul. The old equip we had in those days was putting the same load, the same pounds, the same footage they are now with this big stuff. No it's the easy life now." said Ticknell.

For those interested in picking up logging equipment, the conference is a one-stop shop for loggers.

The logging conference is scheduled to run through Saturday, featuring demonstrations, seminars and exhibitions.