Local educators help students combat college costs

EUGENE, Ore. -- With the rising cost of higher education, some students are concerned about how to pay for tuition. Many prospective students are finding local resources to help cover the costs.

Austin Mason is still a junior at Junction City High School, but he got a jumpstart on tuition by attending College Goal Oregon.

According to a Bloomberg Report, the cost of higher education has skyrocketed more than 500 percent since 1985.

"It's crazy. It's so expensive," said Mason.

The event was aimed at helping kids discover the potential resources available to help them pay for school, said Stacy Miles of financial aid at the University of Oregon.

"Schools only have a certain amount of financial aid that's available and meeting the priority deadline and doing your FAFSA correctly will get them in line for the best types of aid," said Miles. | More Sholarships

Students attended similar events Saturday at Thurston High School, and "Pay For College In A Day" at Lane Community College.

"There's a donut hole of unmet need that needs to be filled with money you saved or getting scholarships outside OSAC scholarships and FAFSA money," said Linda Urness, Thurston's College and Career Coordinator.

Students like Thurston senior Chris Mudder said they were surprised at how many different scholarships are available. His Favorite - a scholarship for being tall.

"If you are 5'8" and over for girls, and 6'2" and over for guys, you are eligible and can qualify for a scholarship," said Mudder.

Urness says participating in community service can also help students get scholarships.

Visit College Goal Oregon's website to find out where they will hold their next session.