Local burger joint featured in the Victoria's Secret fashion show

EUGENE, Ore. -- Local burger joint Dickie Jo's got some national exposure Tuesday, thanks to the Victoria's Secret fashion show.

Chances are, viewers of the 2012 Victoria's Secret fashion show aren't watching for the set design. If you looked behind supermodel Lily Aldridge during the Americana segment, the Dickie Jo's logo popped up for a few moments.

Many people in the Dickie Jo's network, like General Manager Jason Erb, were in disbelief when they heard about the placement.

"I saw it yesterday and it was kind of mind blowing ... I was like, 'why is this happening?'," said Erb.

He didn't know why Victoria's Secret used their logo, but his best guess was that they clearly love our brand.

Dickie Jo's owner, Jim West wasn't expecting to spot his logo in the nationally televised fashion show, but he has a hunch about where they got it.

West says he gave MTV rights to the Dickie Jo's logo several years ago while they were in town filming a reality show.

"They liked the brand at the time, they expressed it," West said. "My understanding is that Viacom controls both CBS and MTV these days, so it got into their arsenal of logos that they have the rights to use."

West said that a lot of people thought the logo was photoshopped into photos from the fashion show.

"No, it wasn't photoshopped," West said. "It actually happened."

Dickie Jo's employees said that they're happy to return the favor anytime by inviting supermodels to come work in their store.

"It would help with tips, wouldn't it?" West said.

Both West and Erb think it was appropriate for the Dickie Jo's logo to appear in the Victoria's Secret fashion show.

After all, West said, Dickie Jo's slogan is "Wholesome. Through and through."