Local boy supports homeless by walking to the state capital

SALEM, Ore. -- As a way of voicing his concerns over the homeless situation in Eugene, a 10-year-old boy walked from one of the city's unauthorized homeless camps to deliver a letter to the state capital.

Keegan Keppner, who is living with hydrocephalus, first started helping Eugene's homeless at the "Whoville" camp by bringing them breakfast.

He decided to step up his support by walking from the fenced-in camp at Broadway and Hilyard St. to Oregon's capitol building.

Steven Magray said his stepson Keegan plans to deliver a handwritten note to the state on Monday.

"Not a lot of people believe that a 10-year-old would take on a task like this," Magray said. "Some of them think, 'No. He's not going to make it.' You know, more than likely not. But we've got to harbor his ambition somehow and let him complete what he can."

Keegan walked 15 miles Friday. Magray said Keegan was too exhausted to walk the whole way, but they picked their journey back up on Sunday and walked 10 more miles into Salem.

Keegan and Magray plan to spend the night without a roof over their heads before delivering the letter on Monday. Follow Keegan's journey on his Facebook page.