Live in Central Eugene? Leaf collection starts Tuesday

EUGENE, Ore. - The cities of Eugene and Springfield both provide leaf removal services. Lane County handles unincorporated areas of both cities.

Leaf collection starts in Central Eugene on November 12.

Eugene residents can heap leaves in the street.

Springfield residents must bag their leaves and place them at the curb.

And unincorporated areas of Eugene and Springfield will only see leaf collection on streets with curbs and gutters.

The programs date back to flood control initiatives. Fall debris can clog storm drains, leading to local street flooding.

The three entities all handle leaf removal a little different. Below are the basics, plus links to where you can find out more.


  • November 12: Central Eugene starts
  • November 18: West/North/South Eugene starts
  • December 23 Central Eugene second round
  • December 30 West/North/South Eugene second round

Some important things to remember if you're placing leaves in the street for pickup:

"On November 12, we'll be concentrating our crews in the downtown area for a 4-day blitz," said Eric Jones of Eugene Public Works. "After that, we will focus on neighborhoods. Even when we're out collecting leaves and it's okay to put leaves in the street, do not put leaves in the bike lane."

Keep leaves out of the bike lanes. Eugene Code prohibits the obstruction of bike or travel lanes with leaves or other debris. And, property owners are liable for any injuries or damage that result from placing materials in the street.

Wait until the weekend before the scheduled pickup date to place your leaves in the street. Leaves placed in the street too early tend to blow around or get washed into storm drains.

If you live on an unimproved street place you leaves where they can be reached from the roadway. Our equipment will not leave the roads hard surface.

Place leaves in the street without obstructing bike lane or traffic. Piles that even partially block a bike lane or traffic lane can cause motorists or cyclists to swerve into oncoming traffic.

Keep curbs, gutters and catch basins clear to prevent flooding. If a catch basin does plug, scrape the leaves away from the grate. Be extra careful working in travel lanes or standing water.

Keep leaf piles clean. Don't mix leaves with branches, rocks or lawn clippings because that makes it difficult to reuse the leaves for mulch or compost.

Leave at least 15 feet between leaf piles and parked cars.

Pile leaves well away from catch basins.

Remove leaves from sidewalks. Wet, slippery leaves are a hazard to pedestrians.

Once leaf collection has occurred on your street, do not place more leaves in the street until the next scheduled round of collection.

Links to more resources

Eugene Leaf Removal Program
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Bike Lane Cleaning Map
Bike Lane Service Request
Request Leaves


  • December 2 Springfield West of 28th Street starts
  • December 9 Springfield East of 28th Street starts
  • January 6, 2014 Second round Springfield west starts
  • January 13, 2014 Second round of Springfield east starts

If you live in Springfield, do not blow your leaves into the street. Per Springfield City code, it is illegal to place debris in the right-of-way (City Code violation 5.272).

"We use bags so that leaves do not blow into storm drains, or obstruct bike lanes," said Loralyn Spiro with Springfield's Development and Public Works Department. "Once bagged, we actually want leave to be up on the curb so that water can still flow freely into those drains."

Sanipac is contracted to pickup, haul and recycle BAGGED LEAVES for residents within the City limits.

Please place leaves in medium sized garbage bags (bags are to contain ONLY LEAVES).

Place the bags at the curbside, NOT IN THE STREET, before 7 a.m. on the Monday of your scheduled week.


  • November 12: Unincorporated Eugene and Springfield
  • December 9 Second round unincorporated Eugene and Springfield begins

Leaves should be left in the street, not bagged.

What are the leaf preparation guidelines?

Leaves must be in the roadway, but piled away from parked vehicles, storm drains and gutters, bike and traffic lanes, and curbs.

Lane County cannot pick up leaves on sidewalks or in private yards.

Keep leaves free from other debris such as branches, rocks, metal, and lawn clippings. Prepare leaves less than a week before the scheduled pickup.

Leaves piled longer than a week may scatter and plug storm sewer systems.

Please do not bag your leaves.

Leaf pick up will be provided for curb and gutter streets only.

What roads will the County service?

River Road/Santa Clara areas:

River Road/Santa Clara roads including: the County-maintained curbed streets located in the area north of Maxwell Road to Beacon Drive West, between River Road and Northwest Expressway; the County-maintained curbed streets located in the area north of Division Avenue to Beacon Drive East; and between River Road and the Willamette River.

Unincorporated Springfield areas:

County-maintained curbed streets located in the unincorporated areas of Springfield including: Centennial Boulevard, Blossom St. developed areas, Hayden Bridge Road and N. 19th Street, Jasper Road and S. 42nd Street, and Harbor Drive.