Lion cub joins wildlife safari: 'She's also a big sweetheart'

BANDON, Ore. -- A new lion cub arrived at West Coast Game Park Safari. The cub, named Dandelion, came from a facility in Washington. Animal handler Brittney Olson said Dandelion is the first lion cub they've had in years.

"She's a little bit of a scaredy cat, believe it or not. She gets spooked kind of easily for a lion, but she's also a big sweetheart," said Olson.

Game park visitors can pet the babies, and because of the human interaction, some of these animals end up in Hollywood.

"You have an actor, not a trainer in commercials or movies so they love using our animals for that," said Brian Tenney, owner of the West Coast Game Park Safari.

Olson said that's not the plan for Dandelion.

"She will hopefully be paired with our male lion in the future and hopefully make some cubs here, but we'll see," said Olson.