Lights spotted New Year's Eve skies: 'I'm pretty certain it was a UFO'

EUGENE, Ore. -- Some people living along the west coast say they started off 2014 seeing some strange lights suspended in the sky.

Those who experienced the odd occurrence described it as hovering and moving away at a high rate of speed.

"I noticed a little white light and it was moving all over the place," said Eugene-resident Richard Walling. "My camera was lying on the ground. Why is this light moving all over the place."

Richard and his daughter, Hayley, were recording fireworks from their go-pro.

They put the camera down in their backyard, and a couple hours later went inside to edit the video.

Federal authorities said New Year's Day there had been no "unusual flight activity" in California and Oregon the night before.

"I'm pretty certain it was a UFO," said Walling. "A Chinese lantern isn't going to move around back and forth and disappear like that thing did."

The Walling's say they've seen UFOs enough times for them to believe.

"It's just one of those things-like, 'do you believe in unicorns?'," said Hayley.

Seeing the light on a night thousands of other lights are in the skies. Richard says it's really not that surprising.

"I think that attracts them," Walling said.

On the other side of town, Matthew Gall has also seen what he believes are UFOs.

"They always get really close and then disappear," said Gall.