Life on the streets: 'You don't have no willpower, you won't survive'

EUGENE, Ore. - For the first time in more than a week, you can see the floor at First Christian Church.

The church, one of the Egan Warming Center sites, opened its doors for people to get off the streets and out of the cold.

"Fills up this space, wall to wall to wall folk," Pastor Dan Bryant said. "Pads that they sleep on, they're just an inch or two thick, but a heck of a lot better than sleeping on cement."

With temperatures back up above freezing, the Egan centers have demobilized after their longest activation yet.

For people who are homeless, it's back to bedding down outdoors with blankets and body heat.

It may not be freezing, but their reality is still hard and cold.

That's what Texsi faces. He is diabetic and can barely walk.

"A couple years ago, the first time I found him, he was sleeping under my steps here and we helped him out and warmed him up," Bryant said.

"You don't have no willpower, you won't survive," Texsi said. "My feet been frozen. My whole body's been frozen."

He said he slept outside last weekend when it was 10 degrees below zero Fahreinheit.

"We're very concerned for his health that if he doesn't get into someplace, he's going to have a life threatening crisis soon," Bryant said.

Texsi said he isn't asking for a handout. "I know a lot of people don't understand," he said.

He just needs a little bit of warmth.

"Having a place with a little bit of heat really is important," Bryant said.

"It's very hard," Texsi said. "God's what keeps me going. He's the one been keeping me alive."