Let's talk about Sex Ed.: 'It has an effect ... they will have safe sex'

EUGENE, Ore. -- High school sexual education classes may not persuade teens to have safe sex after all.

For the past 25 years, two OSU professors have been studying sex education programs in schools across Oregon.

The professors found that some community and school programs can be counterproductive in stopping risky sexual behavior.

Marilyn Flick teaches human Sexuality at North Eugene High School. She said she disagrees with the study's findings.

"It does have an effect they will have safe sex." Flick said.

The study was mainly focused on low-income areas and districts where sexual education programs are dropped due to budget cuts.

In Eugene, some schools do not require sex ed, and instead offer the course as an elective. Flick's class is one of the alternative routes for high school kids to receive sexual education.

While her class is not a mandatory part of the high school curriculum, it remains a very popular class selection among students. Flick also said she thinks her class provides a rounded look at sexual health, where other courses have different focuses.

"They are more on the fitness side. and there's a teen wellness class. That is for ninth graders ... or they can take our child development class." Flick said.

In spite of all of North Eugene offering all of these classes, Flick said it is possible for a student to graduate without taking sexual education courses.